North Finchley pop-UPs! | raise-UP!

raise UP! Sunday 2nd June, 12pm-4pm

Outside Tally Ho and the artsdepot


raise-UP! is an event dedicated to focusing on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

We invite you to take part in and enjoy craft workshops,  exercise classes, meaningful conversations, uplifting performances and nourishing food.


Join us for talks with:

Ready To Make a Change


The Sisterhood for Early Motherloss North London  


Classes with:

Noriko Nagaoka ceramic @noriko_nagaoka

Inkluder @inkluder

Okpani Wellness @okpaniwellness 

Override spin studio @overridespin

Mini Mindful Musicians @minimindfulmusicians

Rugbytots High Barnet & North Finchley @rugbytotshighbarnet  Facebook rugbytotshighbarnetandnorthfinchley


Performances by:

Angie A @AngieJazzyA


Craft market:

Ann Froomberg design @annfroombergdesign


 Angie’s Keep Calm and Sing group, Promoting BETTER BREATHING @AngieJazzyA

A wellbeing organisation that helps people correct and/ or improve how they breathe through the FUN of singing. Workshops are delivered at venues, online and out in Nature.By way of fundraising and promoting better breathing wellbeing products are also available like scented soya candles and melts. Also incense plus relaxing therapeutic bath salts and vegan shower gels.

Theresa Monagle @theresamonagle


And food by:

Yinkasafroeats, African street food – @Yinkasafroeats