Wall sculpture at Finchley Meeting House: Message from a bottle

Quaker Meeting Houses are usually plain and simple buildings; ours is a bit different.

We commissioned sculptor Alistair Lambert to run three creative workshops with Finchley Quakers and members of the public and to create a sculpture for the front wall of the Meeting House. The idea came from our regular litter picking activity in the local community where we were conscious that we were collecting a great many single use plastic items, particularly bottles. We wanted to create a piece of art that reflected our concern about climate change and pollution.

Through the workshops we experimented with a process of making casts from these bottles and used liquid plaster to create different water levels – reflecting that much discarded plastic ends up in our oceans with devastating consequences for sea life. Alistair used reclaimed grey roof slates to create wave patterns on the front wall of the Meeting House and set the plaster casts of the bottles around the slate – so they look as if they are bobbing about in water.

We invite you to come and see the artwork at the Meeting House; and to join our litter picking group. It takes place on the third Sunday of every month from the Meeting House (58 Alexandra Grove, N12 8HG) at 12 o’clock.


Alistair Lambert – https://www.alistairlambert.co.uk